Case Studies

Product Re-launch/Turnaround

A specialty pharmaceutical company in-licensed a product for the treatment of diabetes that had declining sales and an annual run rate of $20M in revenue. We developed and executed a turnaround strategy that included repositioning the product, changing the promotional strategy and target audience, and revising the contracting and reimbursement strategy. We returned the product to sustained growth, achieving an annual run rate of over $200M in sales.

Company’s First Product Launch

A small, development-stage biotech company was facing its first product launch. The product was a fourth-in-its-class compound in the highly specific HIV market and was competing against key products from much larger pharmaceutical companies. We helped develop the go-to market strategy, built the commercial organization, and developed and implemented launch strategies and tactics. In its first full year, the product became number one in its category in the U.S. In its second year, it became the number one product in its category in the world, achieving over $700M in sales.

Commercial Development and Launch Plan

We created a commercial plan for a unique treatment for Heredity Angioedema (HAE) and developed infrastructure for a specialty pharmaceutical company that was new to the rare and orphan disease market. To maximize the commercial potential of the product, we changed the Phase 3 clinical trial to include commercially viable endpoints, developed strong relationships with the HAE patient association, created a specialty pharmacy supply chain, and organized a pricing and reimbursement strategy. Lastly, we streamlined the organizational structure and positioned the specialty pharmacy business unit to exist within the larger commercial organization.

Product In-licensing Strategy to Achieve Commercial Success

A company faced a potential loss of exclusivity and a product recall for two of their main revenue drivers. We helped this company develop and implement a strategy to quickly acquire new assets that would achieve both short-term and long-term revenue growth. Over the course of twelve months, we identified and in-licensed a soon-to-be launched diabetes product to better leverage the existing diabetes sales force, an orphan drug to serve as the foundation of an orphan drug business unit, and two Phase 2 compounds for the gastroenterology market. We later launched one of the Phase 2 products which became the primary catalyst for the company’s subsequent acquisition for $2.6 billion.

Clinical Development Strategy to Improve Commercial Potential

A company in-licensed a Phase 2 compound for treating Ulcerative Colitis. While the Phase 2 data was positive, it failed to impress Key Opinion Leaders. Through market research and Key Opinion Leader input we identified commercially meaningful endpoints to add to our client’s Phase 3 development program. In addition, we identified and added clinical development sites that effectively enrolled patients and provided significant commercial potential once the product was approved. The product was eventually approved by the FDA and went on to exceed internal and industry analyst projections.

Ex-US Licensing Strategy

A company had worldwide commercial rights to a product for treating HIV. The company made the decision to launch the product on its own in North America and to license it to partners for the rest of the world. We helped identify potential partners, developed an out-license strategy, positioned the product for partnering activities, and negotiated the partnership agreements. Once the partners were in place, we coordinated the overall commercial efforts for all partners to maintain brand consistency and maximize the worldwide product potential. The product became the number-one seller in its class.

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